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Aggressive Attention to Fraudulent Actions or Practices

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The sale or purchase of a home or commercial property is an important transaction. However, the positive aspects of the deal can quickly give way to frustration and confusion when real estate fraud and contract litigation matters arise. When facing such legal concerns, it can be helpful to have the assistance of an experienced lawyer who understands how to help you find effective and efficient resolutions to your issues. Strong representation can allow you to move forward with your transaction and avoid adverse impacts from another party’s fraudulent actions or conduct violating your contractual rights.

At the Law Office of Leo B. Siegel, we have more than three decades of experience offering support to San Jose area residents in cases of real estate fraud or breach of contract. Our knowledgeable and aggressive approach is designed to help you find the favorable and efficient resolution you deserve.

If you have questions about real estate fraud or a contract litigation concern, an experienced attorney can make all the difference. Contact our office online or call 408-377-7785 to discuss your specific concerns today.

Detailed Assistance in Addressing Fraud Concerns

Our staff provides detailed guidance to clients who have purchased a home or commercial property, only to discover that another party involved in the transaction operated in a fraudulent manner, including:

  • Failure to disclose: In failure to disclose cases, the seller may have failed to mention various defects or zoning issues, or may have misrepresented the state of repair of a roof, siding or outlying buildings.
  • Mortgage fraud: Our staff assists mortgage fraud victims in cases involving misrepresentation of loan terms, borrower qualifications or property values. We also offer assistance finding resolution to lender negligence in cases involving lenders who fail to verify qualifications of borrowers or otherwise act improperly.

Whatever your specific situation, if you suspect you have become the victim of a fraudulent action or breach of contract, our staff can help you find the answers you are looking for.

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