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Co-Ownership Disputes & Title Matters

Assertive Guidance Through Property Ownership Disputes and Title Issues in San Jose

Co-owning property with another party can be a successful experience. It can also lead to disputes that are not easy to resolve. Whether you are a couple, siblings, friends or business partners who are interested in co-owning property, the benefits can be tremendous, especially to parties unable to make the investment without assistance. Unfortunately, when co-ownership disputes or title matters arise, your excitement can turn quickly to anger and frustration, leading to the need for guidance from an experienced lawyer.

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Experienced Representation Through Your Real Estate Concerns in California

With over three decades of experience, the Law Office of Leo B. Siegel is able to offer our clients the high-quality representation they need. We help clients throughout the San Jose area, including Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County, California, who have become involved in real estate disputes or have encountered issues with title matters. We strive to help our clients find the efficient and favorable solutions they need to move forward after a home ownership or real estate dispute.

Property Dispute and Title Concerns

Our experience allows us to offer support to clients facing a number of issues, including:

  • Co-ownership disputes: Co-ownership disputes arise when two or more parties own one property and do not agree about how to use the property, or when one of the parties wishes to end the co-ownership arrangement. Our staff offers detailed advice on these matters, including partition actions involving a buyout, sale or division of the property.
  • Title matters: Our staff addresses title matters ranging from quiet title actions, to the preparation of deeds, to title insurance issues in an effort to help you avoid future title concerns following a co-ownership dispute or partition.

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