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At the Law Office of Leo B. Siegel, we leverage over three decades years of legal experience to offer detailed real estate law assistance to clients throughout the San Jose area, including Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County, California.

An experienced lawyer can help you find the most efficient and favorable resolutions to your specific real estate-related legal concerns. We work diligently to provide aggressive and informative representation, specifically tailored to meet your needs. We help our clients manage their real estate concerns quickly and affordably. Whether you need an attorney to address a foreclosure issue, or you need advice regarding real estate contract or fraud litigation, we have the knowledge and skill to assist you. Contact our California law firm to learn more about your options.

Real Estate Fraud | Contract Litigation | Foreclosure

Our staff takes great care to provide detailed support to clients who have encountered real estate fraud or contract civil litigation issues. Whether you have been given false information by the seller of a home, have been offered fraudulent or deceptive mortgage loan terms, or feel that a contract has misled you or been breached in any way, our staff offers the assistance you need to protect your interests.

Our attorney can also assist you through any foreclosure issue you may be facing. We understand the importance of protecting your home and can guide you through all of your options.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Providing support to commercial or residential landlords and tenants, we can help you address concerns regarding evictions, unlawful detainer and the drafting and review of commercial and residential leases.

Co-Ownership Disputes and Title Matters

Co-ownership disputes and titles matters can be divisive and costly to resolve. We can help you find a resolution to your dispute, whether it involves a partition, litigation over title matters or a mortgage dispute.

Easements and Boundary Issues/Neighbor Disputes

Our staff offers detailed support to clients facing easement, boundary and neighbor disputes. With the knowledge gained in nearly three decades of service, we are able to assist clients facing issues relating to right of way, landslides, trespassing and encroachment.

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