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Disputes over repairs and other tenant issues

Landlords face many various challenges involving tenants, whether they involve the non-payment of rent or breaking a lease. However, many other different matters can lead to a dispute between a landlord and their tenant, and these disagreements can become very difficult to deal with. For example, a landlord may be accused of failing to make necessary repairs, even when the areas of concern were addressed. Or, a tenant may accuse a landlord of being a “slumlord” for failing to repair something around the rental when they were never even informed in the first place.

Can a landlord evict a tenant over noise?

Noisy neighbors in Santa Cruz can be a real pain, especially for landlords. There are steps you can take if the noise is coming from other tenants, including evicting the responsible parties if your other requests fall on deaf ears. The Balance recommends the following advice in this case, which helps landlords protect themselves as well as create a welcoming environment for all tenants.

How can I prevent contract disputes?

When entering into a contract in Santa Cruz, there is always a risk of issues occurring. While you can’t always prevent disputes, there are steps you can take to lower that chance that a signee finds fault with some portion of the contract, or even potentially side-step issues related to fraud. explains how you can mitigate potential problems related to contract disputes before they occur.

How can I prevent disputes when co-owning property?

When you enter into a real estate co-ownership relationship in Santa Cruz, you greatly reduce the risk of purchasing property as an individual. However, there are certain steps you must take to ensure the arrangement is a success, otherwise you run the risk of losing the property you worked so hard to attain or incurring legal recrimination. explains what you can do to make the endeavor a success.

Is my landlord responsible for mold growth?

Mold growth in your Santa Cruz rental is a very serious matter for a number of reasons. Certain types of mold are known to exacerbate existing respiratory issues, and growth can damage the belongings of tenants. Many renters want to know if their landlords are responsible for mold found within their homes, especially when health issues result. To this end, offers the following guidance.


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