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How can I create a solid rental agreement?

The first element to a successful landlord/tenant relationship is the rental agreement. In order for your tenants in Santa Cruz to explicitly understand their responsibilities they must be clearly stated within the lease, whether they pertain to rent amounts or conduct within a home. offers the following tips on creating a solid and legally binding lease agreement for your tenants.

Determining whether joint tenancy is right for you

Before you and another party such as a spouse, partner, friend or sibling decide to buy California real estate together, you have a number of decisions to make. One of the most important is if joint tenancy is best for your situation. We at the Law Office of Leo B. Siegel often provide legal counsel to people who want to co-own property.

Is there a right way to evict your tenant?

Over the course of the last several months, you have run into some problems with your tenants and are beginning to question their ability to maintain the terms of the contract they signed at the beginning of their lease in California. While you have carefully weighed your options, you are leaning towards evicting them and putting out feelers for some new tenants that show promise of being a better fit. Understanding the right way to go about executing an eviction is crucial to prevent legal consequences on your end and to ensure you maintain civility and decency. 

3 common real estate scams

While you would assume that the people you’re dealing with in the real estate market are on the up and up, this sadly is not always the case. In fact, there are numerous frauds that homeowners, buyers, and even renters must avoid, from wasting money trying to modify their loans or investment scams promising limitless riches (which never materialize). Forbes offers the following information on three common scams and how you can avoid them.


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