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What are my rights as a tenant?

If you currently rent a home in Santa Cruz, you’re no doubt concerned about your rights being respected. This is especially true when it comes to eviction, which not only requires you to change homes but can also impact your finances and ability to secure a rental in the future. breaks down your rights as a tenant when it comes to eviction, including instances when it’s not permitted.  

7 steps when taking a tenant to court

As a landlord in California, you have seen it all. Your job gets harder when tenants act in ways that prod eviction. While eviction is a scary thought for most, some people don’t take the process seriously. It’s a part of the rental business you probably dread.

What is a partition action?

If you own a piece of California real estate with one or more other people, what do you do if you want to sell the property but your co-owners do not? The answer may depend on how you acquired joint ownership. If you and your co-owner(s) acquired the property through inheritance, a partition suit may be your best option.

How can I choose the right home inspector?

Inspections are an essential part of the real estate process, whether you’re selling or buying a home.  Unfortunately, home inspection fraud is a very real thing. That’s why it’s important for people in Santa Cruz to make sure they understand exactly what their home inspectors are communicating about necessary repairs and other issues. To ensure your inspector has your best interests in mind, Business Insider offers the following advice.


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