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Does a seller have to disclose lead paint?

You know that lead paint is a safety issue, but you may also be aware that in California and across the country, paint has been lead-free for decades. However, in older homes, the lead-based paint may still be present. Because you just bought an older house, learning about the possibility has you worried. But wouldn't the seller have to disclose such a major safety issue?

Understanding partition lawsuits

It is very common for siblings to have very different plans when it comes to their inheritance, but when the asset they receive is California real estate, it may be impossible for the each to get their own way. According to, ideally, both owners would agree to sell the property and divide the proceeds equally. However, one owner who is determined to sell may be able to force the other to sell, as well.

Documenting deductions from a security deposit

Landlords in Santa Cruz may approach the dates that tenants vacate their properties with a certain amount of trepidation. They could discover that the properties were poorly maintained, and that extensive repairs (or at the very least, a thorough cleaning) are needed before they can be rented again. Of course, they may expect the tenants to cover those costs through their security deposits. It may come as little surprise to learn, then, that Findlaw lists security deposit disputes as being the common problems between landlords and tenants. 

Keep your rental: your rights as a tenant

Being served an eviction notice is a terrifying experience. In an instant you realize that you are losing your home, you could miss work due to suddenly being forced to move, you may not be able to afford moving costs and you simply might not have anywhere to go.

Can house flipping flip a scam on you?

House flipping is a perfectly legal way to buy and sell homes, and many people in California do so with no problems. But like other forms of real estate fraud, some sellers who flip houses can flip a scam onto you that bleeds your bank account and leaves you in bad financial shape. The problem with flipping scams is that you end up with a house that was hiding some problems that can be very expensive to deal with.  


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