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City seeks to evict boat dealer from current space

Oftentimes, parties that are not in position to buy their coveted spaces in Santa Ana will attempt to enter into lease agreements with the owners with the promise of eventually being able to buy the property outright. Such agreements are perfectly legitimate provided that they are executed correctly. In such a case, "executed correctly" means obtaining signed documentation to verify such agreements. The absence of such documents may later allow one side to back out of such an agreement, citing that as proof that such an accord was never in place. Conversely, an interested buyer can also try to create controversy by saying that he or she had such an agreement in place despite having to evidence to support it. 

What Should I Know About Eviction in California?

If you rent a home or apartment in California, being fully aware of your rights and responsibilities is extremely important. This is especially true when it comes to eviction. Landlords do have the right to evict tenants under certain circumstances, as explained by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Rent control and California's Costa Hawkins law

As rents in Santa Clara County continue to surge, some tenants are facing harsh economic realities. With the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in San Jose hovering at $2,550--nearly $1,000 more than the national average--lower- and middle-class residents are feeling the squeeze of Silicon Valley's housing demands.

Claiming tax deductions on co-owned properties

Owning a property offers several benefits to Santa Cruz residents, including certain tax advantages. Chief among these advantages is the opportunity to claim deductions related to the expenses of ownership. Deductions do tend to get slightly more complicated, however, when a property is co-owned. Thus, prior to purchasing a property with another party (that is someone other than one's spouse), one should sit down with all of those who will have a stake in it to research the tax considerations related to ownership. 


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