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When a leaky roof turns into a legal landlord battle

Renting a home in California can come with endless perks: no expensive monthly mortgages and coverage of maintenance repairs are only a few to start. By the same token, those renting a home under an inattentive or inaccessible landlord can face a mountain of issues. With the pros and cons that can come with renting any property, there are some common red flags tenants can watch out for. 

The pesky problem of real estate fraud

For most California house hunters, buying or selling a home typically creates joy, not headaches. Unfortunately, however, some consumers find themselves in situations where realtors, contractors and other professionals have not carried out honest practices. What constitutes as real estate fraud, and can consumers in the housing market take proactive steps to avoid it?

Evicting tenants the legal way

Most landlords have heard the typical horror stories about tenants: loud noises late at night, unruly animals and failure to pay rent on time are just a few of the hassles that can occur during a lease. These are never lighthearted matters to deal with, but exactly what constitutes as legal grounds to evict a tenant in California? 

Eviction may take court action

Tenant eviction seems like a simple matter of contract law. The lease is up or the terms of the lease were violated and eviction proceeds naturally. But it is not that simple for a number of reasons.


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