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Can you walk away from an "as is" home purchase?

The vision of your completed dream house in Santa Cruz may not always line up with your home-buying budget. Yet you may be able to secure such a home at a lower price (provided that you are willing to put a little bit of work into it). There are often listings out there with the phrase "as is" appended to them. These represent homes that sellers are unwilling to do anything extra to in order to facilitate a sale. It is widely accepted that when you agree to buy such a home, you will take it "warts and all." Can you later, then, get out of a purchase agreement due to factors related to the condition of the house? 

How Does the Short Term Rental Ordinance Affect Me?

What started with a discussion of regulations for Santa Cruz granny flats in 2015 has become a regulatory nightmare for homeowners that rent out property to short-term renters. Billed by the city as an attempt to preserve a nuisance-free and healthy community, many residents are calling the City of Santa Cruz’s new Short Term Rental Ordinance excessive regulation.

Recognizing potential rental scams

Scammers are all too familiar with the feelings of excitement and enthusiasm Santa Cruz residents share when entering into the housing market. Thus, it is important that those searching for a home or rental unit be vigilant in researching the opportunities that present themselves to them. Oftentimes, these "opportunities" are instead veiled schemes that can rob people of the funds available in their housing budgets. 

Tenants claim landlord trying to evict by neglect

Many in Santa Cruz may belive that the landlord-tenant relationship is as simple as this: The tenant pays the landlord rent, and the landlord allows him or her to live on or use the property. Yet in reality, it us much more complex. A landlord's obligations go far beyond simply offering a place to live or work; it must also ensure that the conditions are suitable to meet the expectations set forth in a tenant's lease. A failure to do so coould easily be taken as a breach of contract. 

Detailing quiet title actions

Disputes over ownership of property in Santa Cruz can be extremely complex, which can lead to prolonged analysis and arguments regarding whose claims are strongest. Even those who secure favorable rulings in such cases fear that once one dispute is resolved, another can quickly pop up. The common wish of those that we here at The Law Office of Leo B. Siegel have assisted in such matters is to bring closure to the question of ownership. A quiet title action offers such closure. 

What is a foreclosure rescue scheme?

Being behind on your mortgage payments can put you in a desperate situation. Sadly, there are people out there in Santa Cruz you are willing to take advantage of that desperation for their one fraudulent purposes. People facing the prospect of losing their homes will often do anything to try and keep them, including exposing themselves to massive financial risks. One of the more common schemes that puts homeowners at risk are foreclosure rescue plans. 

Reviewing security deposit requirements

While many in Santa Cruz may view home ownership as being part-and-parcel of the American dream, a good number of local residents still rely on rental housing. Renting offers several distinct advantages to both landlords and tenants. Those advantages are no doubt behind the growing numbers of rental properties seen in the U.S. in recent years. In fact, The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University reports the number of such properties to have grown to as many as 43 million as recently as 2013. 

Does co-signing make you a co-owner of a home?

You are probably familiar with stories like this: a person with poor credit wants to buy a home in Santa Cruz. He or she approaches a family member or friend with a good credit rating and asks him or her to co-sign on a mortgage. If your familiarity with such a scenario is due to you actually being involved in one, then you may naturally have the following question: Does co-signing on a home loan make you a co-owner of the property

Real estate fraud takes many forms

There are many types of real estate fraud in California, just as there are many types of people involved in it. Whether you are a homeowner, investor, banker, developer or are involved in any way with real estate, at any level, you can find yourself involved in, or an unfortunate victim of, some type of fraud.


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