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Evicting tenants the legal way

Most landlords have heard the typical horror stories about tenants: loud noises late at night, unruly animals and failure to pay rent on time are just a few of the hassles that can occur during a lease. These are never lighthearted matters to deal with, but exactly what constitutes as legal grounds to evict a tenant in California? 

Can I break my lease due to an assault?

Imagine the terror of a woman, man or elder who is being stalked or who has been assaulted in California and fears for her life because the perpetrator knows where she lives. If it were you, you would likely be on edge all the time, anxious and worrying about it happening again. It is just these circumstances that a state housing law addresses in an effort to make it easier for victims to relocate to a place where they feel safe.

Excessive heat, restrictive policies prompt tenant lawsuit

When considering the landlord/tenant relationship, many in Santa Cruz may only associate it with residential dwellings. Yet it should be remembered that many of the businesses that people frequent every day are in fact tenants renting commercial space. Just as residential landlords are responsible for ensuring that their units remain habitable, so too must a commercial landlord do all that is needed to provide a good working environment for its tenants. A failure in this regard affects its tenants' bottom line, as clients, patrons and even employees may find frequenting such establishments unbearable. 

Understanding when your landlord can raise the rent

Imagine your landlord coming to you on Friday and telling you that he or she has decided to raise your rent payment (which is due on Monday). This scenario is the nightmare shared by all renting tenants in Santa Cruz, and one that several of the clients that we here at The Law Office of Leo B. Siegel have assisted in the past have faced. Most may think that since your landlord owns the property you live or work in, he or she can raise the rent anytime he or she wants. Yet what does the law say? 

What are reasonable circumstances for eviction?

There are endless perks to renting a home in California: one-time pet fees, no looming mortgage payments and landlord responsibility over maintenance and repairs. Depending on location, there are ideal places to rent for all types of lifestyles. But one drawback to this living option is in regards to relationships between tenants and landlords; tensions can rise when there is a disagreement over the living situation. Regardless of the side of dispute, what, exactly, makes a situation grounds for tenants eviction?

Tenants claim landlord trying to evict by neglect

Many in Santa Cruz may belive that the landlord-tenant relationship is as simple as this: The tenant pays the landlord rent, and the landlord allows him or her to live on or use the property. Yet in reality, it us much more complex. A landlord's obligations go far beyond simply offering a place to live or work; it must also ensure that the conditions are suitable to meet the expectations set forth in a tenant's lease. A failure to do so coould easily be taken as a breach of contract. 

Reviewing security deposit requirements

While many in Santa Cruz may view home ownership as being part-and-parcel of the American dream, a good number of local residents still rely on rental housing. Renting offers several distinct advantages to both landlords and tenants. Those advantages are no doubt behind the growing numbers of rental properties seen in the U.S. in recent years. In fact, The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University reports the number of such properties to have grown to as many as 43 million as recently as 2013. 

Back rent and other causes of eviction

Whether you are renting a unit or have tenants who you wish to remove, eviction can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. Our Santa Cruz law firm recognizes how upsetting eviction can be, especially for someone who may be unsure where they will move to next. If you are being evicted because of allegations that you have failed to pay rent, or any other matter, it is important to understand your rights and you may want to take steps to protect your rights. Unfortunately, some people have been evicted from their place of residence for an invalid reason.

A tenant's rights in a landlord dispute

"Home sweet home" can take on a number of different meanings, depending on the resident. It is for this reason that countless tenants experience issues with their landlords, ranging from rent price disagreements to maintenance repair. Although there is no single answer to such problems, there are a number of routes California residents can take when struggling with a landlord. 

The heat in my rented apartment broke, what can I do?

With colder months coming upon us here in California, if your heating system has failed, now is the time to take action. Heat may be a mandatory provision of the landlord under the implied warranty of habitability, regardless of your rental agreement.


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