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Documenting deductions from a security deposit

Landlords in Santa Cruz may approach the dates that tenants vacate their properties with a certain amount of trepidation. They could discover that the properties were poorly maintained, and that extensive repairs (or at the very least, a thorough cleaning) are needed before they can be rented again. Of course, they may expect the tenants to cover those costs through their security deposits. It may come as little surprise to learn, then, that Findlaw lists security deposit disputes as being the common problems between landlords and tenants. 

Landlord harassment and the law

Disagreements between tenants and landlords are no average dispute, mainly because it can threaten one's living situation. When a landlord harasses a tenant, the issue becomes all the more problematic. California tenants deserve honest communication, proper maintainence upkeep and, above all else, a safe living environment.

City seeks to evict boat dealer from current space

Oftentimes, parties that are not in position to buy their coveted spaces in Santa Ana will attempt to enter into lease agreements with the owners with the promise of eventually being able to buy the property outright. Such agreements are perfectly legitimate provided that they are executed correctly. In such a case, "executed correctly" means obtaining signed documentation to verify such agreements. The absence of such documents may later allow one side to back out of such an agreement, citing that as proof that such an accord was never in place. Conversely, an interested buyer can also try to create controversy by saying that he or she had such an agreement in place despite having to evidence to support it. 

What Should I Know About Eviction in California?

If you rent a home or apartment in California, being fully aware of your rights and responsibilities is extremely important. This is especially true when it comes to eviction. Landlords do have the right to evict tenants under certain circumstances, as explained by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

When a leaky roof turns into a legal landlord battle

Renting a home in California can come with endless perks: no expensive monthly mortgages and coverage of maintenance repairs are only a few to start. By the same token, those renting a home under an inattentive or inaccessible landlord can face a mountain of issues. With the pros and cons that can come with renting any property, there are some common red flags tenants can watch out for. 

Evicting tenants the legal way

Most landlords have heard the typical horror stories about tenants: loud noises late at night, unruly animals and failure to pay rent on time are just a few of the hassles that can occur during a lease. These are never lighthearted matters to deal with, but exactly what constitutes as legal grounds to evict a tenant in California? 

Can I break my lease due to an assault?

Imagine the terror of a woman, man or elder who is being stalked or who has been assaulted in California and fears for her life because the perpetrator knows where she lives. If it were you, you would likely be on edge all the time, anxious and worrying about it happening again. It is just these circumstances that a state housing law addresses in an effort to make it easier for victims to relocate to a place where they feel safe.

Excessive heat, restrictive policies prompt tenant lawsuit

When considering the landlord/tenant relationship, many in Santa Cruz may only associate it with residential dwellings. Yet it should be remembered that many of the businesses that people frequent every day are in fact tenants renting commercial space. Just as residential landlords are responsible for ensuring that their units remain habitable, so too must a commercial landlord do all that is needed to provide a good working environment for its tenants. A failure in this regard affects its tenants' bottom line, as clients, patrons and even employees may find frequenting such establishments unbearable. 

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