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What does it mean to quiet a land title?

When purchasing a piece of real property, you anticipate receiving a deed to it that indicates you are the sole owner and that no one else has a right to the property. That could be a challenge with certain tracts of land because previous owners and others failed to appropriately handle issues involving the title in the past.

What are your rights as a tenant in California?

As a renter in California, you know how important it is for you to make the effort to protect your rights and interests. From disputes with your landlord to reviewing the terms of a new rental agreement, you may find yourself in situations in which you could greatly benefit from the assistance of an experienced legal ally.

What to do when a neighbor dispute affects your property rights

Neighbor disputes can be complex, and it may take more than a good fence to come to an appropriate resolution to your situation. In some cases, a dispute with your neighbor is much more than a simple difference of opinion, but rather involves an infringement on your property rights. Effectively resolving these disputes in a timely manner is important for you and your entire family.


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