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The heat in my rented apartment broke, what can I do?

With colder months coming upon us here in California, if your heating system has failed, now is the time to take action. Heat may be a mandatory provision of the landlord under the implied warranty of habitability, regardless of your rental agreement.

I bought land but it has no access road! What do I do?

If you bought a landlocked piece of California real estate, that would typically mean that there is land owned by other surrounding your land on all sides, without a self-contained driveway leading to a public road. Your question is an important one because you cannot get to your new land unless you travel over someone else’s property. Without proper permissions, you could find yourself treading in the area of actionable trespass.

What is a detainer action?

Nearly everyone in Santa Clara has probably heard stories about roommates or tenants who just will not leave. There is no shortage of humorous suggestions aimed at solving such a problem: changing the locks, buying a vicious guard dog or just moving away yourself. Yet there is little that is funny about such a situation when your are having to deal with it. When struggling with having to evict an unwanted guest or tenant, you will likely become very familiar with the term "detainer action." 

What is mortgage fraud?

Many view buying your own home as being part and parcel of the American dream. Finding your dream home in Santa Cruz might be easy; it is often obtaining the financing for it that is a major source of stress. When trying to get a mortgage, you likely will do all that you can to provide brokers and lenders with whatever information that they need, remaining completely transparent throughout the entire process and operating in absolute good faith. Imagine, then, how crushing it may be to later discover that you have been the victim of mortgage fraud

The eviction process: notices, claims, and length of time

Evicting a tenant is a tricky proposition, mainly because the rules and processes are in favor of a tenant that is being evicted without cause. Even when a tenant is being evicted with cause, the landlord or property manager taking the action needs to make sure they have all of their legal ducks in a row, so to speak, to make sure that their eviction holds water.


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